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The following catalog is a guide to NRP video programming. These programs were produced by the NRP through the facilities of the Minneapolis Telecommunications Network, the public access television provider for Minneapolis. MTN provides equipment, training, and air time to local producers of non-commercial television.

The videotapes (VHS) described here are both descriptive and instructional, providing a record of neighborhood accomplishments and activity in the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program and information about how the process is carried out.

(Some tapes in the library contain information that may be out-of-date. Tapes are listed with their production dates so you can choose the most recent tape that meets your needs.)

  • General Information Tapes
    The General Information tapes provide an overview of the program and some of its different elements.

  • Training Tapes
    The Training Tapes were edited from instructional workshops sponsored by the NRP. They take you through the process from beginning to end with presentations by NRP staff, residents who have been involved in the process, and others. The paperwork and handouts referred to in the Training Tapes is avaliable in the NRP office, so that copies of documents can be made when the tapes are checked out.
    1993 - 1995
    1996 - 1998

  • Frequently Asked Questions Tapes
    The Frequently Asked Questions Tapes are fast-paced question and answer sessions with a city staffperson.

  • Meeting Tapes
    Tapes of specific meetings are also available. Contact contact the NRP (612-673-5150) for more information.

View the Tapes

All tapes can be borrowed from the NRP office during business hours. If possible, contact the NRP (612-673-5150) before you come, to be sure a copy of the tape you want is currently available. Tapes marked with an * can be found in the Minneapolis Central Library and all branch libraries. Copies of the tapes can be purchased for a nominal fee.

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