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(Label numbers refer to labeling at the NRP Office Video Library)

FAQ1. Frequently Asked Questions About Traffic Calming
Mike Monahan of the Minneapolis Public Works Department responds to a series of questions about traffic calming and the kinds of methods available. The video includes a look at a variety of traffic calming devices from neighborhoods throughout the city. Length: 9 minutes. June 1997.

FAQ2. Frequently Asked Questions About Contracting
Bob Cooper of the Minneapolis Community Development Agency and Rita Rocheford of the NRP respond to the questions that arise after an NRP plan is completed. Turning plans into realities requires contracts. This video presents information about the kinds of contracts, the process that contracts go through, as well as the length of time it takes for a strategy to be contracted. Length: 13 minutes. August 1997.

FAQ3. Frequently Asked Questions About Bicycle Lanes
Rhonda Rae of the Minneapolis Public Works Department responds to questions about a variety of bicycle initiatives. This tapes includes information about the different kinds of bicycle transportation routes, bicycle planning on a city-wide basis, and bicycle safety. Length: 12 minutes. September 1997.

* Available at all Minneapolis public library branches.

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