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(Label numbers refer to labeling at the NRP Office Video Library)

1. Building Community: The Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program *
The staff of the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program describe the general workings and goals of the NRP. Intended to be a short inspirational video that provides a basic introduction to the NRP for people new to the process. (Superseded by "Working Together" #8)
Length: 16 minutes. 1992. Produced October 1992.

2. Minneapolis: City of Neighborhoods
An introduction to the NRP program that touches on organizing, developing goals, objectives and strategies, and stories of completed projects that resulted or benefited from the NRP process. (Superseded by "Working Together" #8)
Length: 14 minutes. 1994. Produced October 1994.

3. The NRP Process *
Community residents working on the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program in their communities discuss the work involved in the NRP. The process is divided into ten steps, from application to implementation, and the work involved in each step is described.
Length: 26 minutes. 1993. Produced January 1993.

4. For Our Neighborhoods *
The Community and Resource Exchange Program (C.A.R.E.) is described by its staff, city, and county staff people who work with the program, and city residents involved in neighborhood C.A.R.E. committees.
Length: 27 minutes. 1993. Produced March 1993.

5. Housing and Building Community *
This video looks at some of the housing issues facing the city and how some neighborhoods have addressed those issues. Insuring affordability, preserving the city's historic housing stock, and dealing with abandoned buildings are some of the housing issues that neighborhood groups are working through in their NRP processes, and examples of efforts in the Hawthorne, Near North, Powderhorn, Central, East Harriet-Farmstead and Jordan neighborhoods are explored in this video.
Length: 29 minutes. 1993. Produced June 1993.

6. Minneapolis: An Environmental Profile *
The staff of the city of Minneapolis Environmental Review section provide a look into our urban environment and citizen action that is working to improve and enhance it. The video includes information on a partnership between community members, the city, and industry along the Mississippi River in the Bottineau neighborhood, updates on water quality in the chain of lakes and airport noise, and dreams for a Green Institute in the Phillips neighborhood. The video concludes with steps that you can take to improve and stabilize the environmental quality of your city.
Length: 26 minutes. 1993. Produced August 1993.

7. Vertical Communities
A look at the Community and Resource Exchange Program's (C.A.R.E.) work in Minneapolis Public Housing Authority high rise buildings. The video follows the progress of residents at 2419 - 2433 5th Avenue South in taking back their buildings with the help of the Minneapolis Housing Police team and then organizing to increase the sense of community there. The video also takes a look at resident management at 1707 3rd Avenue South, the first high rise in which C.A.R.E. worked.
Length: 28 minutes. 1994. Produced August 1994.

8. Working Together: The Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program *
This video provides an introduction to the NRP with examples of the projects and processes that have made up the program. It touches on the basic philosophy behind the NRP and features examples of community solutions in such areas as housing, youth, health care and recreation.
Length: 13 minutes. 1995. Produced in April 1995.

9. Minneapolis Planning: the First Seventy-Five Years
In 1996, the Minneapolis Planning Commission and Planning Department celebrate their 75th year. This video takes a look at the history of planning in Minneapolis, with interviews from planning staff and planning commissioners who participated in many of the changes.
Length: 14 minutes. Produced September 1996.

* Available at all Minneapolis public library branches.

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