Candidates for the 2008 NRP Policy Board Neighborhood Representatives Election Announced

September 14, 2007 - The League of Women Voters of Minneapolis has certified the filing of 12 candidates for election as Neighborhood Representatives on the 2008 NRP Policy Board. A representative, and alternate, will be elected for each of the four Neighborhood Representative positions on the Policy Board -- At- Large, Protection, Revitalization, and Redirection.

Filing for the At-Large Representative position are Debbie Evans and Brock Hanson. Filing for the Protection Representative position are Nicholas Kakos, Jeffrey Strand, and Carletta F. Sweet. Filing for the Revitalization Representative position are Beverly Conerton, Mark Hinds, Peter Johnson, and Debra Wagner. Filing for the Redirection Representative are Kari Anderson, Barbara Jacobs and Carol Pass.

NRP will publish a Voter's Guide in a few weeks to provide information about each of these candidates. This guide will be available in print and on the NRP website.

Each NRP neighborhood will select an elector, and alternate elector, to vote on the neighborhood's behalf at the upcoming Neighborhood Representative Election. The election will be held in the Crown Roller Mill Building on Thursday, November 15th beginning at 7:00 pm.



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