National Night Out Planning Week June 17-24

June 15, 2007 - Every year on the first Tuesday of August, people across the country gather to celebrate National Night Out (NNO). This year on Tuesday, August 7, close to 50,000 Minneapolis residents will celebrate neighborliness, safety and stronger community. It's expected that more than 1900 Minneapolis blocks will host more than 1,000 block parties. Some will be as simple as neighbors sharing iced tea and conversation on a front porch, while others will have closed off streets, music, face painting, chalk art, potlucks, dancing, games, and pinatas. The 2007 National Night Out theme is Join the Movement - Put "Neighbors" Back in the Neighborhood.

Planning Week
Planning Week, June 17-24, is designed to make putting together an NNO party a simple matter. Often block clubs scramble at the last minute to get parties together. Meeting during Planning Week to prepare in advance can make things easier for active block clubs. It's also a great time for new block clubs to organize. Early planning helps to share the work so no one has to do a lot and everyone can enjoy the NNO event. CCP/SAFE, a unit of the Minneapolis Police Department coordinates the City's NNO each year and is promoting this 7th Annual NNO Planning Week.

Some things to discuss at planning meetings:
How many people should we plan for? Who will get food and who will get utensils?
What kinds of activities will encourage conversation?
What to do for kids? Games, face painting, pinata, awards for good things they've done, etc?
Should we have music? What kind and who will arrange for it?
Do we want to block the street? If so, what are the deadlines, who will apply and when?
Should we make an invitation flyer and who will do it? Who will get the flyers to the neighbors?
Do we need the flyer in more than one language? Which language(s) and who will do that?
What will we do if it rains?

It's Free and Easier than Ever to Register and Close Your Street for NNO
This year, one process makes it possible to register your NNO event and apply to close your street. To do one or both visit www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/nno or if you don't have Internet call 311 or 612-673-3000. If you register by July 24, you'll be eligible for a door prize drawing. Remember it's not essential to close your street to have a successful NNO event. Many groups meet in yards, parks, vacant lots, or inside. If you apply to close your street by July 24, street closure will be free. Between July 25 and August 2, street closure costs $100. Applications for street closure will not be accepted after August 2.

If you have NNO or Planning Week questions visit www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/nno or call 311 or 612-673-3000.

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