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NRP Policy Board: February 23, 2004 Meeting Agenda



  3. APPROVE MINUTES of January 26, 2004


    1. Report of the Nominating Committee

      ACTION REQUESTED: Election of Policy Board Officers for 2004

      Download the Related Staff Report

      [NRP/ PR#2004-05]
      Ken Kelash, chair of the committee, presented the report. The first issue that the Board needed to decide was the method of voting. Ken Kelash moved and David Fey seconded a motion to use a written ballot. The motion was defeated making a roll call vote the method of voting. The chair opened the floor for nominations for Board Chair. Ken Kelash nominated Joe Mullery and David Fey nominated Paul Ostrow. The nominated candidates were then given time to address the Board on behalf of their candidacy. Voting eligibility was addressed next. It was determined that there was not sufficient documentation in the record to allow Dennis Schapiro to vote on behalf of the School Board chair. A roll call vote was then conducted. Voting for Joe Mullery were Debbie Evans, Zachary Korb, Nicholas Kakos, Jon Olson, Peter McLaughlin, Gail Dorfman, Ken Kelash and Joe Mullery. Voting for Paul Ostrow were Cam Gordon, David Fey, Todd Klingel and Paul Ostrow. Diane Hofstede abstained from voting. Gail Dorfman then moved a unanimous ballot for Joe Mullery, which was seconded by Ken Kelash. The motion carried unanimously.

      Ken Kelash then nominated Nicholas Kakos for vice-chair. Debbie Evans was also placed into nomination but she requested that her name be withdrawn. Being no further nominations, Nicholas Kakos was then duly elected Policy Board Vice-chair. Joe Mullery then nominated Ken Kelash for secretary. Being no further nominations, Ken Kelash was then duly elected Policy Board Secretary. As a formality, Carsten Slostad was nominated and duly elected as Assistant-Secretary to the Board.

      Resolution of Recognition - Moved: Kakos, Seconded: Mullery

      WHEREAS: Diane Hofstede has performed outstanding service in leading the Neighborhood Revitalization Policy Board as its chair during the past two years in a most dedicated and effective manner; and,

      WHEREAS: She has been effective in converging the diverse interests of all neighborhoods and participating jurisdictions in a fair and equitable manner resulting in the ongoing continuance of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program for the City of Minneapolis;

      BE IT RESOLVED: That on this day, February 23, 2004, the Neighborhood Revitalization Policy Board expresses its appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Diane Hofstede for helping to make Minneapolis neighborhoods better places to live, work, learn and play.

    2. Criteria/Community Oriented Public Safety Reserve Fund

      ACTION REQUESTED: Approve criteria for reviewing and awarding Community Oriented Public Safety Initiatives Reserve Fund dollars to support neighborhood proposals requesting the use of these funds.

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      Moved: Kelash, Seconded: Evans

      RESOLVED: That the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Policy Board (Board) approves and adopts the Eligibility and Selection Criteria for the NRP Community Oriented Public Safety Initiatives Reserve Fund attached to this memorandum as the criteria to be used in accessing these NRP funds; and

      RESOLVED FURTHER: That the Director is hereby authorized and directed to distribute these guidelines to the neighborhoods.

      Moved: Kakos, Seconded: Gordon

      RESOLVED: That the approval by the NRP Policy Board of a $1 million dollar allocation for a Community Oriented Public Safety Initiatives Reserve Fund shall not be construed as establishing a precedent for future NRP planning purposes.

    3. NRP Housing Investment Fund

      ACTION REQUESTED: Approve for distribution to neighborhoods for their review and comment.

      Download the Related Staff Report

      Bob Miller introduced a proposal that would create housing program funds that neighborhoods could invest in for the needs of their neighborhoods. The plan would minimize administrative costs and maximize leveraged funds. The plan would also help address the need of the NRP to meet the 52.5% legislated housing investment requirement and helps NRP manage cash flow. The request is to bring this proposal to the neighborhoods for review and comments. Ken Kelash moved and Peter McLaughlin seconded sending this proposal to the neighborhoods. The amount of time for neighborhood review was then discussed. A consensus was reached to have the neighborhood review completed by the May meeting of the Policy Board (60 days).

      A vote was then taken and motion to send this proposal to the neighborhoods was adopted. Nicholas Kakos then moved that a task force be established to review the technicalities of the NRP Housing plan. Gail Dorfman seconded the motion. It was recommended that the task force consider asking non-board members to assist in this review. The motion was then adopted.


    1. Downtown Neighborhood Plan Modification #5

      ACTION REQUESTED: Approve the modification of the Downtown Neighborhood Action Plan by adding seven new strategies and redirecting $480,683.24 to these seven new strategies and to two existing strategies.

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      Moved: Kelash, Seconded: Gordon

      RESOLVED: That in accordance with its policy on Changing Approved Neighborhood Actions Plans and Early Access Requests, the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program Policy Board (Board) hereby approves and authorizes the Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association request to modify existing strategies and add new strategies to the Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Action Plan


    1. Longfellow Neighborhood Phase I Review

      ACTION REQUESTED: Presentation by the neighborhood. Receive and file the report.

      Download the Related Staff Report

      ACTION TAKEN: Received and filed the report.

    2. Performance Review for Director from January Agenda

      ACTION REQUESTED: Review report from Personnel Committee.

      RESOLVED: That the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Policy Board accepts the report of the Personnel Committee reviewing the performance of the Director from July 1, 2001 through June 30, 2003;

      RESOLVED FURTHER: That the Director's satisfactory performance is recognized and advancement to the fourth step on the salary schedule, adopted May 22, 2000, will be considered by the Policy Board when the Director becomes eligible for this advancement, July 1, 2004.


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